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Church A/V Systems Houston – House of Worship Audio Visual Company

Houston Area Churches – Audio Visual Systems – Get Amazing Results with your Capitol Audio Video TEAM!

We deliver amazing results to Houston churches and houses of worship who are looking to upgrade their technology to the digital age. It wasn’t long ago that choir, band music, and audio was the only main component to a service. Video is booming these days. In fact, video with connection to the internet and multiple sources with high definition projectors and high quality projector screens increase fluid communication between pastors and their audience. Finding a way to enhance a church service has been one of the most exciting challenges that consistently comes to us, time and time again. Here are some images from recently completed house of worship Houston church audio video installation projects:

Church Audio Systems Design/Installation – Pro Audio Speakers that is tied into the band or choir, in addition to the communication that may be played over a network connection via an HDMI, or VGA signal really produces great results for Houston and Plano churches. Pastors are becoming younger these days, and their audiences are more technologically advanced than ever, so its great to connect with churches that are looking for an advanced or at least updated system or solution.

Control & Ease of Use – Remote control is important for multiple people to have options throughout a church service. Sound boards, mixers, microphones and more Houston a/v equipment & technology need to be in harmony with each other at all times. We help you with your control needs dependent on many variables. The bottom line is, wireless control is becoming more mainstream, but we want to suit you with the best control system for your specific situation. The Ipad is our go-to controller these days for many reasons, and it really helps make things work together, in a neat way that people love and have become comfortable with.

Video Projectors, TV’s, Digital Signage, Custom Audio – Like I said, video has come a long way. Recorded minutes of testimony from parishioners, messages from church staff, and just high quality visual images have really become abundant in the digital age of today. Video clips are used very liberally to help spread messages to parishioners from those that are involved in church services, but unable to show up to service at that specific time. Video also allows churches to reach out to other markets and profess the word of god to folks who are not actually present. We have seen an increase in churches looking into this method of expansive technology and sharing. Whatever your project entails, we have a core group of pro audio lovers who will make your system go off with a bang and enjoy every minute of it!

Contact us at 713-385-6503 to discuss your Church Audio Visual System Design & Installation. We specialize in Projector & Screen, Audio/Video, Sound Systems and more.

Complete Audio Video Installation in Houston Churches and House of Worship with Video Projection & Screens Houston, TX Church A/V Communication Systems