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Media Rooms & Home Theater Systems in Houston, TX and further

We design and install Custom Houston Home Theater Rooms, Media Rooms, and Surround Sound Systems. Choosing the right audio video equipment, systems, components, remotes, in-ceiling/in-wall/in-room speakers, sub-woofers, video displays, universal smart remotes, and every other piece of the home theater on your own can be daunting. We do this every day.

We understand that every homeowner has very different goals, and budgets related to their home theater ideas in their Houston home. This is one reason that we are so successful and have earned the trust of over 3,000 Houston area clients. We work with you to discover the best set of options based on your specific situation, and guide you with all of the product knowledge and technology do’s and don’ts that we have built for years.


A lot can be said about the fact that high end home theater equipment may not be worth the extra $10,000-$50,000. Truth be told, audiophiles demand a certain quality of listening, and the rest of the population cannot hear what they hear!

However, we are also hi fidelity audio fans, and offer a custom approach to systems in that range of equipment for our high end clients. Most people choose mid grade audio equipment to pair with the rest of their home electronics, and we recommend that to a large portion of our clients.

If a client has a budget of $8,000 to spend on their home theater or media room, we have beliefs about where to appropriate that budget to get the most value or bang for your buck. Ability to spend $8,000-$12,000 on your home theater gives you some really great options to have an AMAZING home theater room as far as the electronics go.

Home Theater Design

The design phase of your home theater project involves working directly with our design staff on what components to choose, the layout, and specifications for the entire room. Some clients only want us to handle the electronics portion of their home theatre system, and that is fine. Once those steps has been taken and a services agreement has been signed, we will move forward with ordering the equipment and staging the design. If outside contractors, designers, or room blueprints are needed, we will need to be aware of those things in advance.

Home Theater Installation, Setup & Integration

Your Home Theater System will be installed on a mutually beneficial pre-scheduled date. Our installation technicians and crew will arrive and evaluate the space, after discussing the details of the job with the designer on the morning of the installation. At that point, installation will commence, and our team will do its best to keep your property clean and neat. This is a custom installation, and drywall may be cut, wires will probably be run, and it can get messy.

Home Theater Speakers will be installed in proper locations, Video (Home Theater Projector or TV) will be installed with the proper wires, and components will be connected and hooked up at their proper location. Integration of all of the components, and smart remote programming will be done towards the end of the project, and a speaker toner will be used, as well as the digital surround options to calibrate the audio and tune it to its proper state.

We will give a user demonstration to you after this point, and make sure to take any questions, and clean up thoroughly. It is important to keep the boxes for your home electronics. Most clients ask us to put them in their attic or garage. These boxes are integral in the case that there is a warranty issue. Without the boxes, there will be issues in the warranty phase. All along the way our team will be working hard, professionally installing your new home theater system, and you will be excited to see and hear the end result.

Multiple Room Home Audio/Video Distribution Systems

In the case that we are setting up a whole home audio visual system for you, the theater will only be one aspect of the full installation. This means that your job will likely take more than 1 day. The remainder of the job could include wireless networking, installing tv’s, putting in speakers throughout the home, outdoor audio video systems, houston home audio, home automation systems, or home security and surveillance.

Our Home Automation and Security offering can be inclusive and include wireless door locks, smart thermostats, lighting systems, video cameras for surveillance, and more. The best part about your new home security system is that it has the ability to be controlled and viewed from your IPHONE, IPAD, and computer. Learn more about that on our Home Security & Automation page.

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We take care of your system design and install needs large and small. From Mild to Wild, we Design your Home Theater in Houston, TX Custom Home Theatre Systems