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Houston Home Audio & Video Design & Installation Services

Standard Home Audio/Video Scenarios & Where to Start:

Home Audio and Video can go many different ways, depending on the space involved, your goals, the type of equipment desired, the budget, and many other factors come into play. In Houston, we find that many of our clients have spaces that allow for at least 2 zone audio systems. Many people want a surround sound system installed in their living area with a pair of speakers on their outdoor patio. We find this very common and work on projects like these, almost weekly. Usually these types of systems involve hanging a TV above a fireplace, hiding all of the electronics into a nearby closet, or piece of furniture, and utilizing what is called IR or RF technologies. In short, these technologies allow us to stow away all of those bulky electronics so that we have a nice, clean and great looking installation, while leaving your living space just as elegant as you had it before.

houston media room setup and install

Other scenarios include a dining room, and also a game room including in ceiling speakers and localized volume control units into those rooms, to allow for local listening. Families often times enjoy adding on these rooms to allow for a nice tune during a dinner party, or for the kids playing their own music in the game room. One thing is for sure, versatility is an option for your home audio system. These systems that include a couple more rooms will have the need for additional equipment to power the audio system, and will cost a bit more. A standard Audio Receiver will do the bulk of the powering, but typically, it is necessary to add an additional amp. Today’s receivers allow for wireless networking and utilizing your own tunes that are living locally on your computer, or on the cloud. Also, services like Pandora, Spotify, Itunes, and others are very popular sources of music for each and every listener in the home.

More Robust Multi Room Whole Home Audio Systems

We can take things a step or two further by adding a complete home audio system that controls up to 16 zones of whole house audio distribution. These are more typically used in larger homes greater than 3,500 square feet, but do wonders for elegance, ease of use and remote control features. The options are available to control the entire system from your IPAD, IPHONE, or Dedicated Smart Remote. We also recommend a couple of in-wall control panels for ease of use. These systems can get really cool, just let us know if your home is over 3,500 square feet and we will discuss this system.

surround sound installation in houston living room

Going Even Further With Home Audio And Video Systems in Houston

To make things even better, we can bring the dedicated Home Theater Room or Media Room into the fold, and give you a place to “get away” from it all. Yes, this room can include sound proofing, custom lighting systems, smart remotes, and obviously the best 3D or HD picture (via a projector installation or big screen TV) and High End or Mid Grade Audio System that will knock your socks off! Whether it be for sports, music, movies or all three, we will help you choose the best system that fits your listening goals and budget. We offer some of the most exclusive audio/video lines, as well as more mainstream brands. We know that every client is different, and you have different goals than our other customers, so we custom fit solutions tailored to your needs, not ours.

Outdoor Audio Video at your Houston Home

Audio on your patio can come in many forms. Their are all kinds of speakers made these days to create the atmosphere you want on your patio. Those come in the form of flush mounted in ceiling speakers, in room hung speakers, in ground speakers, rock speakers, subwoofers, plant look-a-like speakers and more. Add another touch to the patio by having us install an outdoor TV, TV with a TV Sheild, or Sun Brite TV. We can help you with all of these options.

patio and deck audio video setup

Going BIG: Surround Sound / Video Projectors For the Backyard

Many people who have a pool, or large backyard are looking for a loud audio system to make their yard a party haven. We have a few custom solutions to make your backyard an awesome place where audio is experienced in never before seen ways! A custom array of speakers will knock your socks off and make the day even better than expected. Use your favorite audio sources, choose your playlists, and show your guests an entertainment experience they never new that they already wanted!


Add on to your audio system and bring about a projection system if you have room for it, or if a TV isn’t big enough to float your boat. Everything will be completely customized to your space, and some backyards may not apply for something as big and bad. We’ll work with you to find out if you are a great fit! If not, we can tame it down and still give you an awesome Houston outdoor audio video system design & installation.

We are your GO-TO team for custom audio video systems in Houston for your living room, whole home, Home theater or media room and outdoor needs. Call us at 713-385-6503 to setup your free design consultation.

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